akHOME is here to think differently. Design is not about fitting into the latest trends. It’s for us to stand out and lead, taking interpretations from low-end (combing through thrift shops) to merging with high-end (fresh off the runways of Paris Fashion Week).

Beautiful Things in Small Batches

akHOME is a lifestyle brand and boutique design house offering small-batch home accessories for discerning customers. Founder Alison Kent has taken an integrated approach to design, blending art, textiles and their unique style to create high-quality, limited edition products that are handcrafted with love, designed and made in Canada.


100% Handmade

Starting with our inaugural collections of luxury throw pillows, akHOME’s products are meticulously designed and manufactured by local artisans using only the best fabrics and materials. akHOME is proud to partner with these gifted tradespeople throughout the production process, preserving the artistry that is often lost in mainstream design.

About akHOME

akHOME is the dream-child of Alison Kent, a gal who can't seem to stop making things. If she could pick any tagline in the world, it would simply be "I just like to make ALL THE THINGS!!"

What she loves most, is to make things for her HOME. Home is her life. She's raised/raising 4 children at home (and for awhile homeschooled two), she works from home designing other peoples homes, she entertains (a LOT!!) at her home, and when she travels far and away, it's home she loves to return to.

NOW she's sharing her home with you all!

Style & Quality

We're recognizing a growing shift in consumer buying patterns - away from mass-market offerings that are found in many design shops across the globe. Consumers are intelligent, have excellent taste and are demanding specialty, high-quality goods created in very small quantities to preserve the artistry that has become lost in the drive toward mainstream accessibility in design. To put it another way, good design doesn't have to be mass-produced.


akHOME accessories are handcrafted with love, designed and made in Vancouver, Canada. Look for the following trademarks in every akHOME product:

  • Original artwork

  • Durable, high-quality materials sourced in Vancouver and from across Canada

  • Local artisanal craftsmanship