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WALL ACCESSORIES | Animate Your Walls and Wallpapers!

Looking for ways to add a little texture to your painted or papered walls?! I sure was! While a great paint color or beautifully artful wallpaper print can add a certain pizzazz to a great feature wall, giving it an extra dimension, I was looking for a full 3-dimensional effect!

I’ve created this fully moveable 3D printed Birds Nest to animate your wall - or ceiling! It’s easily spray-painted in any color you choose - I love it in it’s natural ABS White or sprayed Gold, to go w the laser-cut acrylic Birds.

GIF of the 3D printed Bird Nest w laser-cut acrylic Birds at play!

Now your wall can also be a sculpture, a conversation piece, a calming visual, a DIY mural piece, a modern reflection of nature - and even your own work of art depending on how you display it!

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Perfect for Powder rooms, Dining rooms or a very special Nursery, this stunning design solution pairs beautifully with the Dogwood Series wallpapers in our shop.