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ART PRINT | Vintage Black/White Series 11x14 Art Prints

  • A bedside vignette, with vintage fan and design books on the side.

  • Rough-hewn, European woven baskets collected over time are the perfect spot for fresh flowers!

  • A stack of antique copper (and aluminum) pots and pans collected over time, both locally and at Parisian flea markets.

  • A set of antique metal chargers, crystal glassware and china in a simple pile.

  • Antique crystal doorknobs on brass plates? YES, please!!

  • Nothing like a wee spot of Gin in the evening, sipped from a vintage crystal cocktail glass!

A series of 6, these VINTAGE art prints are based from original "ak" brush artwork, each hand-signed by Alison Kent herself!

"I've had a long obsession with collecting vintage and antiques - especially in my kitchen! ALL of these prints are based on pieces - and actual vignettes! - that I have and love in my own home, and I'm thrilled to share them through art." - ak

Premium Quality 11x14 Paper Art Print, hand-signed.
Frames not Included.

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akHOME artprints vintage01 medres.jpg
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