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FABRIC | Fraser Print in Solid + Stripe

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The Fraser print was created in collaboration with Kendall Ansell Interiors, and grew out of her love for the gorgeously draping, flowy Wisteria plant.

"There is something very beautiful about wisteria; maybe it's the climbing woody vine bursting with intense color or the intoxicating fragrance it produces. It reminds me of my childhood.

In feng shui, the wisteria blossom represents respect and loyalty and the vine symbolizes longevity as the plant can live over 100 years.

Floral fabrics and move beyond 'traditional.' I feel this collection touches on a more contemporary approach to florals." - Kendall Ansell

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Fabic   | SOLID > 100% Silk Twill, 12mm, 52” wide
| STRIPE > 100% Organic Linen Cotton, 6.8oz, 53” wide
Available in Solid + Stripe prints
Printed in Canada

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akHOME fraser prints 01.jpg
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Additional Info

All akHOME prints are based on original watercolor artwork or calligraphy linework by Alison Kent, Founder and chief Artist/Designer. You won’t find another print like it! Alison has a passion for mixing old vibes with new, thinking about life beyond boxes, and locally made, small batch goods for your HOME. Designed with love, made in Canada.

Note that our Fabrics and Wallpapers are drop-shipped and may arrive with other labelling.

Be sure to post your projects and tag #MYakHOME #artfulelements!

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