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FOOD FURNITURE | Artisan Acrylic 12"x18" Oval Food Mat Placemats


A fusion of our background in textiles, our commitment to local craftsmanship and our love of combining new vibes with old, these newly launched Food Mats are an ornamental presentation piece bringing new levels of class to any dining experience.

These contemporary Food Mats are crafted from laser cut acrylics for a fresh new take on the 17th century crochet doily. akHOME’s Food Mats are the latest addition to the Food Furniture collection composed of pieces that bring a polished and modern take to at-home entertaining.

$60.00 EACH MAT
12”x18” Oval Laser Cut Acrylic Placemats
THIS ITEM IS MADE TO ORDER - allow 3-4 weeks delivery
Available in Frosted White, Opaque Gloss Black and Opaque Gloss Gold

Wipe clean with a soft cloth, soap and water

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akHOME FoodFurniture FoodMats Trio FrostedWhite GlossBlack GlossGold 04.jpeg
akHOME FoodFurniture FoodMats Black 02.JPG
akHOME FoodFurniture FoodMats Gloss Black 01.jpeg
akHOME FoodFurniture FoodMats Gold 01.jpeg
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akHOME FoodFurniture FoodMats White 02.JPG

Additional Info

All akHOME prints are based on original watercolor artwork or calligraphy linework by Alison Kent, Founder and chief Artist/Designer. You won’t find another print like it! Alison has a passion for mixing old vibes with new, thinking about life beyond boxes, and locally made, small batch goods for your HOME. Designed with love, made in Canada.