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FOOD FURNITURE | Artisan Food Tables - Ceramic/Wood/Marble Trays on Champagne Gold Metal Stand

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These artisan-crafted Food Tables come in two sizes to nest or stack - and NOW ALSO three tray finishes to mix and match! Go ahead - it’s ok to play at the table!

One-of-a-kind Ceramic plates with a painted leaf shape - perfect for accenting plated food - beautifully top the champagne-gold powdercoated solid Metal stands. Each one varies slightly from another, hi-lighting their hand-crafted quality.

Western Living’s “Furniture Maker of the Year” Willow & Stump is the artisan behind the NEW engraved Wood trays, in both small and large. The milled offset shape, the curves on the edges and the engraved Thyme leaf pattern make these pieces truly unique as they sit perfectly atop the champagne-gold powdercoated solid Metal stands.

Also now in small, we have a laser-etched honed Carrara Marble tray that compliments both the Ceramic and Wood trays for more mixing and matching. The warm threads in the Carrara Marble are stunningly complimented by the champagne gold color powdercoat on the Metal trays lovingly sculpted and welded by local craftsman Birdman the Welder.

Food Tables are ready to elevate your food every time you entertain! They are sure to be the center of attention and a great conversation topic. The tablescaping options are endless with the variety of sizes and finishes - we can’t wait to see how you style them!

Two sizes - 8"x10" ceramic, wood or marble, on 5" high metal base (+ handle height)
                   12"x16" ceramic, wood or marble, on 7" high metal base (+ handle height)

Ceramic plates are dishwasher safe. Metal base powder coat can easily be wiped clean with a wet cloth. Wood and Marble trays to be washed by hand with soap and water.

How will you use Food Tables to elevate your Dining?! Hashtag #MYakHOME !

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